System Cabinet:

The instrument is fitted into a modular cabinet of innovative and practical design, complete with all accessories and tools needed to apply the Beautytek method in easy, functional and pleasant manner.

Treatment Gel:

The treatment is applied with an exclusive conductive gel, containing necessary nourishment and specially formulated to work with the Beautytek. Acting as a filter and conductor of all passing bio-signals it maintains delicate balance. Different electrolytes are available for specialized applications.

Complete range of products are ready for different sections of the treatment. From skin preparation before the treatment - applying nourishing and balancing creams for maximizing absorption benefit, to specific after treatment preparations designed to retain inserted energy tissue patterns at the end of the treatment.

Special cellulite treatment procedures are assisted with products filled with concentrated botanicals enhancing the results and speed of fat deposit reduction and tissue smoothness.

All treatments are supplemented with a line of home use preparations where the long lasting effects are being preserved with specific formulations according to type of therapy. Repeated requirement for home use products allows the client to remain in close contact.


A complete set of electrodes was designed to execute every part of the treatment with utmost efficiency, comfort and efficacy. The software program indicates all electrode changes and all electrodes are included with each instrument.