The beauty and skin care is an ever-changing field that every year sees new products, devices and methods introduced, often claiming revolutionary results. Insiders know that reality is very different. There has not been an effective instrument or product that really works available on the market until today.  
  Acuscope Italia is established and experienced company, specifically created to market innovative medical products. Beautytek which is manufactured in United States exclusively for Acuscope Italia, is designed and created for aesthetic medical applications, and is a truly effective, easy to use, non-invasive instrument that provides long lasting results.
This device was developed using, for the first time in this field, a bio-cybernetic technology that restores the self-repair mechanisms of the body, therefore producing effective results right form the very first treatment. Stimulating and duplicating the natural behavior and the energetic balance of the body, the Beautytek technology makes it possible for a rejuvenating process of the biological tissues to effectively take place.
  With this product, the Beautytek, a new concept in the field of beauty and skin treatments, Acuscope Italia opened a new dimension of intervention, in full respect of biological mechanisms