Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Beautytek ?
Beautytek is an instrument based on cybernetic principle, designed to heal, restore, vitalize and balance human tissue.

What is the Beautytek "system" ?
Beautytek system is composed of a Beautytek instrument, personal computer and software with all necessary attachments for any combination of treatment.

Who is candidate for BT treatments ?
Anyone wishing for aesthetic alterations, repair of skin damage caused by age, sunburn, acne, allergies or accelerated healing. Beautytek uses a non invasive method of correcting and altering damaged tissue. It can even be used for post-operative treatment to minimize residual damage.

How long does the treatment take ?
Dramatic results are often seen only in minutes.

How long does the treatment last ?
In most cases the treatment results are long lasting. Lifestyle creates conditions which reflect on our bodies. Therefore any permanent changes will depend on our bodies ability to retain the balance in the tissue the Beautytek instrument had effected.

Is the treatment painful ?
Beautytek treatment is painless and free from any discomfort.

How is the treatment done ?
While comfortably resting, the operator of the Beautytek uses an electrode to slide over area being treated, following instructions from the computer.

Is it the operator that decides for the best treatment solution ?
Treatment is executed according to visible instructions on screen display, all is fully automated..

Does the program work for everyone ?
Yes, Beautytek works on everyone. Most people respond from the first treatment showing in many cases dramatic results.

How much signal does the Beautytek produces ?
The intensity of the signal produced by the Beautytek is based on "tissue demand”.

Do I have to purchase the “entire system”?
It may not be necessary for you to purchase the entire system. It depends on your approach. It is possible to begin with the basic Beautytek system and than grow together with your customer needs.

Can I use other types of interface solutions in the treatment ?
For best results you cannot. Interface solutions are designed to be an essential part for the Beautytek treatment efficiency. System is programmed to work only with known and coded interface solutions.

What kind of training is needed ?
If you are confident user of a computer than the only training needed is to familiarize yourself with the Beautytek instrument and program. Since the system is fully automated, only the knowledge of the basic menus and options is necessary. Optional advanced training is available.

Is the installation difficult ?
Installation of Beautytek is very simple. Specific technical training is available for upon request. Application training is conducted on regular bases.

Does the BT meet safety regulations ?
Beautytek meets all safety regulations, and carries the European CE mark