instrument for youthful and toned skin

Age and inactivity together with the inability to maintain sufficient peripheral blood flow and oxygen distribution are responsible for loss of body muscle mass, atrophy and fatty deposits and in time will produce skin and body tissue damage. When atrophy occurs, symptoms include loss of elasticity, muscle elongation and sagging, wrinkles, hollowness, puffiness due to edema, and cellulite.

is an innovative instrument capable of improving and reversing muscle tone and skin vitality. A brand new technology now leads to a new concept in medical and esthetical field where surgical procedures are forgotten while impressive results are attained together with general well-being sensation.While cosmetic surgery treats the symptom, Beautytek addresses the real cause of underlying problem - Tissue depletion and inability to restore.

Beautytek is extremely easy to use. Completely automated decision making based on tissue sensing and adjustment lead to a sophisticated computer information exchange capabilities, necessary to develop appropriate and very unique treatment.

On front panel of Beautytek only power and reset buttons are necessary, while LCD displays information being transmitted from and to a last generation host PC.

Software is the real heart of the system. Serial cable connects Beautytek console to host PC performing fast decisions in treatment adjustments. Easy illustrations and clear messages continually guide the operator toward an unfailing treatment success.

Fully interactive software allows operator to identify weakness and problem areas on client skin surface from a real-time map of the energetical pattern of the skin and underlying tissue. A scale color map is presented before and after each treatment session. Pictures captured with a digital camera allow operator and client to observe the efficacy of any single repairing intervention on damaged tissue.

Specific problems ranging from acne to scar tissue can be resolved by simply instructing the program of its existence, type and location with any complicating factors indicated, and the rest is up to the Beautytek instrument to solve.

As of now, no more invasive procedures are needed to reach a youthful and radiant condition. Beautytek will produce the best, fast and easy way to rejuvenate your client’s face and body, together with inducing a deep state of relaxation during the treatment session and lasting satisfaction.